Managed Mobility
The global mobile workforce is growing and beginning to overwhelm enterprises. Even large multi-national companies do not have the resources to support complex mobile deployments, and the current global climate is forcing them to make hard decisions on which IT projects get the green light. With limited budgets and growing mobility business needs, many of these companies are striking the right balance with a different model: “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS).

With Sybase Managed Mobility you can do just that - host and/or provide managed mobility services to the enterprise. Sybase Managed Mobility leverages Sybase's proven mobility expertise and industry leading mobile technologies such as Afaria, Sybase Unwired Platform, and SQL Anywhere to help you deliver comprehensive managed mobility services through an easy-to-use web portal interface. Our solution includes everything from application development to mobile device management and security. We provide you with the world class support you need to deploy your solution and keep it up to speed with the latest mobile device technology. Our Managed Mobility offering comes in two options, our Managed Service Package and our Self Service Package.
SAP Solution for Utilities can optimize your operations, improve return on your assets, and identify and deliver new products that can help you reach your growth potential.

The potential benefits?

Reduced cost-to-serve
Reduced processing time – from meter reading to invoice to bill correction
Increased number of customers and average revenue per customer
Lower energy-procurement costs
Lower maintenance costs
Reduced accident-frequency rate
Fewer outages