Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions
No matter the size of your business, our supply chain management (SCM) solutions can help you build resiliency and flexibility into your supply network – for responsive planning, improved collaboration, and seamless execution.

Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand
Determine accurate customer delivery dates
Optimize inventory, labor, resources, and space
Leverage analytics to monitor and measure performance
Develop risk avoidance and mitigation strategies
Ensure compliance with international trade regulations
SAP Solution for Utilities can optimize your operations, improve return on your assets, and identify and deliver new products that can help you reach your growth potential.

The potential benefits?

Reduced cost-to-serve
Reduced processing time – from meter reading to invoice to bill correction
Increased number of customers and average revenue per customer
Lower energy-procurement costs
Lower maintenance costs
Reduced accident-frequency rate
Fewer outages